Lowara, an Italian-based pump manufacturer, was founded in 1968 and part of Xylem Corporation the world’s premier manufacturer of pumps and hydraulic complementary products for water and industrial fluid applications.  Lowara has been serving customers and users of hydraulic pumps in various sectors for 40 years; specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of stainless-steel pumps, water transfer and booster sets.

Xylem’s Lowara brand is leading in providing long term economical solutions for pumping and circulating clean or contaminated water.

The main areas for Lowara solutions are:

– Residential and commercial building services: circulation in heating and cooling systems, domestic hot water, water supply, waste water handling and fire protection solutions
– Public utilities: water supply and district heating solutions
– Agriculture: irrigation systems solutions
– Aquaculture: water transport solutions
– Mining: water supply and dewatering solutions
– Oil and gas industry: heavy duty water transport solutions
– General industry: water supply, pressure boosting including boiler feeding, washing equipment

Lowara pumps, drives and packaged solutions like pressure booster sets and wastewater lifting stations are all developed with low life cycle cost in mind. That means robust, high efficient, easy to install and service products with a long service life.

Jemimah Limited are authorized resellers of Xylem Lowara distributors in Nigeria. Please find below a list of Lowara products which we offer.


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