FWT (Fluid Water Technology)

FWT (Fluid and Water Technology) is a company of professionals with over twenty years of experience in liquid handling dosing systems and measuring systems. All members of the staff have been operating in these fields covering all key position including technical and customer service, research and development, trading and production activities.

FWT is a small company which follows best Italian industrial tradition, which is handicraft goods industry: we use same care and attention for each product coming out of our factory which guarantees that we will do our best to find a solution to any problem that our customer may face. Needless to say that our company is constantly growing but we do want to keep our artisan production legacy.

FWT Srl products are used in many application fields according to the specific technical requirements. Although each industry has its own peculiarities, it may be strange but same products can be utilised in very different areas. In some applications the difference within the metering pumps range is mainly in the performance (flow and pressure) requirements, whereas for controllers, the difference among the application fields is mainly in the sensors being used, each function requires its own type of sensor. Customer can be sure that from our team he will always receive the correct solution with respect to chemical dosing handling and measurement.

Jemimah Limited are authorised resellers of FWT dosing pumps in Nigeria. We stock FWT Pumps ranging from solenoid pumps to motor driven pumpsĀ  and Dosing tanks with Stirrers/Mixers.


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