Double Lin

From Zhejiang DOUBLE-LIN Co., LTD  are series of valves, plumbing fittings and fasteners for development of water control system. The main products are stainless steel braided hose, stainless steel corrugated hose, 316N superlative stainless steel gas hose, ball valves, check valves, stop valves, gate valves, bibcocks, filter valves, floor drains, fittings, angle valves and other valve series and sanitary ware and plumbing fittings.
The valve seat is made of P.T.F.E. material, and after special treatment, it is easy for operation and no block in usage.  The seal ring, made by NBR material, is strict in hardness requirement, and has long life in use. Products are special design, fine appearance, comfortable handle with PVC sleeve, ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, CE,.
Jemimah Limited are authorized resellers of Double-Lin Valves in Nigeria. Please find below a list of double-lin products which we offer.


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